The Most Damaging Foods For Your Teeth


There are some foods which are more like a poison for your teeth. You must avoid them completely or at least limit their consumption to a very strict minimum. Otherwise they could cause you a wide myriad of problems. Let’s check them, so you can avoid them from now.

Alcohol: A Poison For Your Teeth.

You need to reduce your alcohol. You can always enjoy a couple of beers on the weekend or with the pals every now and then, but if you want to have healthy teeth, then you need to stop drinking too much beer or and by other alcohol like vodka, whisky, etc.

Sugar: The Teeth Killer.

Sugary food can be pretty detrimental. If you eat lots of cookies in a daily basis, then you should stop it. It also applies to sweets and products which come with a high concentration of sugar. Of course, we are talking of processed food. You can always enjoy fruits without problems.

Soda: Drinking Your Way To Unhealthy Teeth.


Soda is a real poison for your teeth. You must avoid it, because it damages your teeth, bones, stomach and your whole body in fact. It is loaded with a lot of sugar, so it is another good reason to keep it away from you.

Soda is poison, you should avoid it. We cannot repeat this enough times. You should never give soda to your kids at least it’s a very special occasion. It contains a lot of sugar even in small quantities. This will not only make their teeth unhealthy and prone to tooth sensitivity and cavities, but also affect their health in negative ways. You must avoid this at all costs.

Tobacco: Smoking Your Way To Ugly Teeth.

4Not really a food, but tobacco is hurtful for your teeth. If you want to have yellow teeth, then go ahead and keep smoking. But if on the other hand you would like to have beautiful teeth and enjoy of a very fresh breath then you should quit this deadly habit.

It does also apply for people who do not smoke tobacco but rather chew it. It’s not good. It’s slightly better than smoking, but at the end of the day it will end up having the same effects on your teeth. It will make them yellow and unhealthy, and we think you do not want this for your life.

Finish Line:

These are the foods you need to avoid. They will only hurt your teeth and overall health in fact. If you want to have better teeth, which are stronger and more beautiful, then you should start skipping on these foods and opting for better quality options

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