Healthy Teeth and Gums: What Are The Best Foods?


You must protect your teeth and gums, and we are here to help you with this mission of yours. There are certain foods which are excellent for your teeth and gums, and you are going to discover them on this article. Discover them and start eating them from today!

But before we start, we are very sad to say it but many websites, even those which belong to reputable brands and associations, suggest terrible choices. Sugar snacks? Please, they are only going to hurt your teeth!

Grass-fed Butter:

This food is rich in Vitamin D, E, A and K2. This will allow your teeth to be healthy and beautiful, as well as your gums. The wonderful thing about these vitamins is that they are fat-soluble, which is exactly what your mouth needs to be healthy.


It’s a fish you must add to your weekly diet. You should eat wild-caught salmon at least twice per week if possible. It has the same fat-soluble vitamins at grass-fed butter. You can also try other fish of similar features like trout. These fishes are going to make your teeth a lot healthier.


Your body needs vegetables to work very well. Therefore you need to add more salads to your day a day. You must add lots of leafy-green vegetables. Spinach, kale and arugula are very good options. They are tasty and go very well with meat, on top of that, you can always add a nice dressing.


They are a bomb of nutrients and vitamins. You should add them to your diet. They will not only make your teeth healthier and stronger, but also contribute to your overall health. They are tasty and can be prepared in different ways, so it’d be great idea to add them to your diet.


2These high-fiber vegetables are a perfect match for your teeth and gums. If you add them to your diet, then you can only expect to get excellent results. You should try to eat them raw, not cooked. Why? Because you want them to be CRUNCHY, because this is the form they work the best for your teeth.


These fruits are also crunchy and high in fiber. And this is what you need to give your teeth a natural and nice cleanse. Just like carrots, eat them raw. And we know that eating raw apples is a lot easier than carrots.

White-button Mushrooms:

These are another good food for your teeth. They have very important vitamins and nutrients which will keep your teeth and gums healthy. You should consider eating more of them, because after all, they are tasty and easy to cook.

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