Keeping Them Healthy and Strong

Caring for and cleaning your gums and teeth are some of the ways to maintain optimum oral or dental health. It is always important to recognize the significance of clean gums, as well as clean teeth, and how it affects the body’s health.
Gums can become ill when not properly taken care of. This could lead to gum diseases that might get severe overtime if left undiagnosed and untreated. Fortunately, gum diseases are preventable, treatable, and curable.
Gum diseases can develop due to the lack of consistent and proper flossing and brushing. These can also be caused by other health conditions like diabetes. Another cause is the long intervals between regular visits to the dental clinic for that professional dental cleanings needed.
There are basically two methods in treating and cleaning gums. These are the scaling and root planing (dental deep cleaning), and the regular cleaning. Dental deep cleaning is focused on cleaning up to under the gum line, while regular cleaning is focused only on the areas above the gum line.
Both regular and deep dental cleaning achieve same results in the aspect of polishing the teeth; and removing bacteria, plaque, calculus (hard tartar deposits), and debris just above and at the gum line.
Moreover, dental deep cleaning or scaling and root planing is done thru removing plaque, calculus, bacteria, and debris at and below the gum line. This is necessary because calculus lodged under the gum line houses bacteria, which can’t be removed by merely flossing, brushing or even with regular cleaning.
The Scaling and Root Planing Process
The whole scaling and root planing procedure is usually performed either by batches or just on one dental visit, depending on the severity of the gum problem. Batches are done on the entire mouth, or on one to two quarters or quadrants of the mouth. This will depend on the recommendation or diagnosis of the doctor.
Most gum problems treated by scaling and root planing are severe cases of gingivitis, pyorrhoea, and periodontitis. These gum diseases are characterized by red, swollen, bleeding, and sore gums caused by bacteria due to excessive plaque and calculus deposits. If left untreated, this may lead to more serious gum and dental problems resulting to teeth loss.
Performing the scaling and root planing procedure will involve the following processes of dental deep cleaning.
• Numbing of the area to be treated with local anesthetic.
• Removing of calculus, debris, and plaque above, at, and below the gum line.
• Smoothing and shaping of the root of each tooth to remove bacteria.
• Prescribing of antibiotics for the healing process.
• Returning for checkups for proper monitoring of the healing and recovery process.
Undergoing such procedure might get a little uncomfortable, and rather expensive, than just keeping oral and dental health at hand. If proper oral hygiene is followed along with regular dental visits, gum problems can be avoided.
Keeping teeth and gums healthy, clean, and in top shape, can be achieved in various ways. Whether you use the modern, synthetic, or natural ways, always seek expert advice. After all, prevention is still way better than cure.

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